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Escape to transformative retreats and workshops at Omnia Balance Foundation, where self-discovery meets serenity. Immerse yourself in rejuvenating experiences, guided workshops, and serene landscapes that foster personal growth.
Explore our carefully curated retreatsand workshops designed to ignite balance, vitality, and a renewed sense of well-being.
Join us in crafting moments of introspection, connection, and positive transformation in a tranquil haven created just for you.

We carry inside us, the wonders we seek outside us. 


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Healing and Well-Being through Zhineng Qigong.

with Xi Xiaofeng
The Netherlands; 12-26 April

Unlocking your Inner Qi-Doctor

Elevate your  healing and well-being with the profound teachings of Zhineng Qigong under the mentorship of the renowned Teacher Xi. Join us in unlocking the ancient wisdom of Zhineng-Qigong, transformative practices that harmonizes mind, body, and spirit. Discover the path to balance, vitality, and inner peace. 

Tailored Private Workshops at Your Preferred Location

Each month, we allocate availability for one private workshop reservation.
Please feel free to contact us for further details and to explore the possibilities.


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