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About Carin

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Carin Huibers is a seasoned professional in the fields of naturopathic therapy, a variety of healing methods including Zhineng Qigong healing and her own natural healing capacity from birth combined with coaching and mentoring.

Demonstrating an innate ability to facilitate healing from a young age, she embarked on her professional journey in 2006. In 2008, Carin took a pivotal step in founding the Omnia Balance Foundation.The Omnia Balance Foundation swiftly gained global recognition, drawing individuals from various corners of the world seeking Carin’s expert guidance and support.
Carin’s unwavering passion lies in assisting individuals and organizations meticulously in promoting the (re)establishment of balance, inner peace, and vitality in people’s lives. Her approach and life goal are rooted in creating opportunities to provide steadfast support in helping individuals live their Xin Xiang Shi Cheng, embodying the essence of heart’s desire fulfillment.​
At the core of Carin’s life mission is a commitment to help those who, in turn, help others. With an unvielding commitment to cultivating win-win scenarios for everyone involved.
Through a combination of expertise, empathy, and a forward-thinking mindset, Carin Huibers serves as a catalyst for positive transformations, both personally and professionally. Carin’s extensive knowledge in naturopathy, a myriad of healing methods coupled with expertise in her natural Healing abilities and complemented by her paranormal abilities, positions her as a unique practitioner.
She adeptly delves into underlying issues, identifies root causes, and meticulously guides individuals toward a state of happiness, health, and joy with a compassionate touch.

In summary, Carin Huibers epitomizes a harmonious synthesis of naturopathy, a myriad of Healing methods, and her paranormal abilities. Her commitment lies in illuminating the path to holistic well-being, offering a blend of traditional wisdom and contemporary practices for those seeking balance, inner peace, and vitality in their lives.

"While there is always room for improvement, there is no denying the impactful strides we have already made. We gauge our success not only through facts and figures but also through the joyous expressions and heartwarming feedback of those we've touched.
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